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Gift Boxes

Happy Socks Gift Boxes

All our gift boxes are pre-packed and sold only with the exact socks or socks/underwear combination displayed on the product page. The content can not be changed or personalized.

The gift boxes can not be purchased separately. If you do want to buy an empty box, please check our flat-pack gift boxes here: https://www.happysocks.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Flat-pack These foldable boxes fit up to four pairs of socks and you pack them yourself.

The sock gift boxes contain four pairs of socks and are available in sizes 9-11 as well as 10-13.

The socks/underwear combo boxes contain one pair of socks and one pair of men's boxers/boxer briefs or women's briefs. You can choose the size of the underwear but the socks are preset to size 10-13 in the men's combo boxes and size 9-11 in the women's combo boxes.

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