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How do you manufacture your products?

Happy Socks products are produced in Turkey, Portugal, Italy, China and Peru. Happy Socks ensures that suppliers have high standards by keeping close contact with all of them through regular visits and inspections at all their factories.

We carry out on site audits at least once a year that are performed by staff from our Stockholm headquarters. Furthermore, we have opened a local production office in Istanbul, Turkey that has daily contact with our suppliers and regularly visits them. During these visits production standards are controlled.

Happy Socks is a member of Amfori BSCI and we also require that our suppliers are Amfori BSCI or SEDEX certified. In the latest Amfori BSCI audits, all the factories we work with were graded between A-C.

The suppliers are also required to sign the Happy Socks Code of Conduct to make sure they maintain high standards, no child labour is used and no other forms of abuse occur. In addition, we also require that our suppliers are Oeko-Tex certified.

What is the Happy Socks Code of Conduct?

The Happy Socks Code of Conduct is a clarification of our requirements for environmental and social equity. The requirements set in our Code of Conduct are based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the ILO 8 Core Conventions.

For more information, please have a look at our Code of Conduct at https://www.happysocks.com/about-us/code-of-conduct

What is Amfori BSCI?

The Amfori BSCI, a common Code of Conduct, regulates working environment issues, including workplace health and safety, working hours, industrial compensation and the prohibition of child labour.

For more information, visit the Amfori BSCI website at http://www.amfori.org/

What is SEDEX?

Companies which undergo a SEDEX audit can prove to their customers that they respect the principles of ethically and socially sustainable production.

For more information, visit the SEDEX website at http://www.sedexglobal.com/about-us/

What is Oeko-Tex?

Oeko-Tex is a certification system for materials used in a certain product. The certification confirms that the material and/or final product is correctly produced without hazardous and toxic substances.

For more information, visit Oeko-Tex website at http://www.oeko-tex.com

How do you monitor the country of origin of the cotton used in your products?

We have set targets to source the majority of our cotton sustainably by 2022.

Today our cotton socks in the Happy Socks Kids collection are produced with certified organic cotton. We use OCS (Organic Content Standard) Blended cotton in our production, a cotton that is organically farmed and which we are able to track to see details such as purchase and handling of the cotton fibre.

The cotton used in our products is sourced from Turkey, India, China and Peru. We require the factories we work with to be able to provide documentation to disclose the source of cotton. We monitor the process closely by being in constant contact with all our factories.

How do you ensure that your products are free from hazardous chemicals?

Our suppliers and sub-suppliers have to commit to following the regulation set in REACH, a regulation within EU for hazardous and toxic chemicals. We also require them to be Oeko-Tex certified.

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