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Why can't I place my order or checkout on your website?

If you are not able to pay on our website, please try the following steps:

  1. Payment attempts could potentially be denied by your bank. Please get in touch with your bank to find out if this is the case. They will also be able to help you and unlock your card to allow you to re-try.

  2. The shipping destination country determines the regional website to shop on. To make sure that you order on the correct regional website, please choose the correct flag in the upper left-hand corner of the website. If you are shopping on a mobile device, you can find the country selector in the dropdown menu.

  3. Make sure your address does not contain any invalid characters (for instance: / ( & € * # and so on).

  4. Refresh your browser window.

  5. If none of the above works, try placing your order on a different browser or clear your internet browser cookies and try again.


*If none of the above suggestions resolve your checkout issue, please contact support.



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