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  • Free Shipping on orders over HK$ 390
  • Free Shipping on orders over HK$ 390

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I want to sell Happy Socks - whom do I contact?

Please provide the following information and send to retailrequests@happysocks.com:

• Business Name, Full Address and Country

• Telephone Number

• Email address

• Your first and last name

• Type of Business: Online Only/New Business/Independent Store/Multiple Retailer

• Any relevant additional information such as what other Brands are carried etc. (optional)

Your email will be forwarded to the distributor responsible for your country within 72 hours. The distributor will then get in touch with you as soon as they have the time. In order to receive a timely reply, please make sure to include all information asked for above. It is very important that you include all of this information, otherwise your inquiry might be overlooked.

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