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Dressed Socks

Material: Mercerized Pima Cotton, Polyamide, Elastane (The exact composition depends on the style. You can find it on each product page.)

Description: Dressed is a range of tailored socks. This line was conceived with business attire in mind, including an increased length giving it a higher fit on the leg. Design-wise, colours and patterns have a subtler rendering and the black label adds a final touch of sophistication.

Dressed Socks are long-lasting products created with a distinguished approach directed to customers expecting high-quality socks wearable with formal attire. Dressed Socks are made of mercerized Peruvian Pima Cotton. This exceptional cotton, produced along the northern coastal valleys of Peru in unique growing conditions, makes these socks highly resistant yet incredibly soft and silky.

Sizing: Please find information about sizing and our size charts here.

Made in Peru



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